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Follow us to better your health and that of your family with recipes, videos and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle straight from chefs and nutritionists.

We will also have monthly events for the kids and adults and weekly promotions…dont´ miss out on anything…

About MO

MO started as an idea years ago…we wanted to give Barcelona a place where you can always find fresh product, produced locally and with a high nutritional content. We knew that this would help people eat better and have a healthier lifestyle, especially kids.

We have a child that is very alergic to some foods and we find ourselves always reading the packages to make sure he will not suffer any reactions. It´s always been dificult to find places adopted to his needs. That´s why in MO, we always have in mind the alergies, celiacs, and people with intolerencies and we combine that with advice from chefs and nutritionists on how to promote a healthy lifestyle full of energy and well being.

We offer you the chance to make the salads in our place just the way you like them or to receive directly at your home or office fresh organic fruits & local produce, whenever you want, knowing that each piece has been selected with care keeping you and your familiy always in mind. Besides all this, we also showcase local artists to show their works… we believe that all artists should have a stage… We truly hope you enjoy our little grain of sand to better our soceity and we are always here to listen to any ideas or suggestions you might have.

Thank you,
Lupe Tirado


We offer weekly and monthly deliveries. Each basket will have your favorite fruits and vegtables….even seasonals! Straight from the market to your table or office! All carefully selected for freshness and nutritional content.


If you have a question about nutrition or our products, send us an email and our nutritionists will answer it shortly…and you can always keep up with their latest advice via our social networks.


Make an order via web, phone or email before 11am and we promise to deliver between 1230 and 230 pm…we always ask what time is best for you! You can order for your whole office, just for you alone at home or to deliver straight to your hotel.


Going on a Picnic/Sightseeing/Beach or Roadtrip and you want to make sure you´ll eat healthy? We can prepare a MOBag for any ocassion right instore, or if you want it for the day after, order it before 8pm and we will take it to your home, office or hotel the next morning!


Events, Promotions, News, MO Recipes from our Chefs- Advice from our Nutritionist- Gastrotendencies-HealthLifestyle….do you really need more reasons to be part of the family?

Our Services

MO Salads

We will always have ready our traditional salads but with a fresh and unique twist.

the Seasonals

Every season we search for special products to offer you local specialities with tipical Catalonian flavors.


Every month we pick a country or region and search out their local dishes, ingredients and recipes to always be surprising you.


Coldpress Juices, H2O from around the Globe, Bagels from Gracia (the neighborhood),
Soup of the day….everything you need to complete your perfect meal.

Mon-Sun 9:30am to 9:30PM




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Invited Artist

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Invited Chef

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